Display Console

DC-150 w/DU150

The Display Console is situated on the bridge, giving an audible and visual indication for stage 1 alert. The DC-150 has been designed with an easy to use menu system giving access to all adjustable settings which are protected by a removable Key switch.

(This unit is available with Panel, Trunnion and Wall mount options.)


The DU-150 Distribution Unit is compact and links all components via the IP66 enclosure. It comes with a pre-assembled umbilical cable for connecting to the Display Console, with multiple knockouts for convenient installation. Inputs from external equipment alarms and a dedicated output for the VDR/S-VDR are incorporated.

POWER   24v DC through DU-150 Umbilical Cable
INPUT   Through DU-150 Umbilical Cable
OUTPUT   Through DU-150 Umbilical Cable
DIMENSIONS   150 x 80 x 45mm


POWER   24v DC
INPUT   From Primary Equipment 
OUTPUT   To Primary Equipment
DIMENSIONS   254 x 180 x 90mm