Monitor and Alert Panel

KW810-M w/KW810-MEU

The Monitor and Alert Panel is situated on the bridge and gives an audible and visual indication for stage 1 alert. The MAP also has an emergency call function that can be used to raise a response from the ship’s officers if required.

The KW810 MEU is housed in a rugged IP57 enclosure. There are 4 Inputs providing connection to Autopilot, GPS and Unacknowledged Alarms. An Output is also provided for VDR/S-VDR recording. Extra interfacing has been provided as standard in order to accommodate future IMO requirements.

POWER   12v DC
INPUT   All Alert stages and Audible Alarm
DIMENSIONS   225 x 165 x 100.5mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945
POWER   110/220v AC standard 24v DC available on special order.
INPUT   NMEA0183 x 5 for Autopilot, GPS, Unacknowledged Alarms Dry Contact x 5 for Autopilot Engaged & Unacknowledged Alarms
OUTPUT   NMEA0183 for VDR/s-VDR recording
DIMENSIONS   300 x 300 x 150mm
APPROVALS   MSC128(75), IEC62616, IEC60945