NMEA to Synchro Interface (low power)



POWER   Nominal 110/220v 50/60Hz at 600VA. Fused, switched and filtered. Earth is essential.
INPUT   NMEA 0183 heading, magnetic or gyro or Cetrek data.
OUTPUT   Reference output nominal 55v or 110v 50/60 Hz at 1 Amp. Switch selectable. Synchro output adjustable 0 to 45 volts max at 20VA per phase. (60VA max.) Use additional transformer adapter for higher voltages. Synchro output protected against overload. Synchro frequency is normally 50/60Hz. Synchro precision 360 values per revolution at most ratios. That is 1 degree resolution at 1:1. 1/36th degree at 36:1 etc. Precision 0.05 degree at 180:1. 0.01 degree at 360:1
DIMENSIONS   300 x 400 x 150mm