Battery Backed AC/DC Power Supply


The battery backed PSU has 115/220 AC selectable input with a 24v DC output. It is designed to provide a minimum of six hours power to the BNWAS in the event of ship supply failure.


Two Yuasa Sealed lead-acid model NPH5-12 5 AH -20 to 60 deg C rating. (RS 320 4508) The batteries operate in any orientation except Inverted. Float-charged as recommended by Yuasa to 27.3 volts using the constant voltage method. After supporting the s-VDR in reserve power mode (for 2 hours) the recommended recharge time is 10 hours. Battery Life is 4 years from installation. Alternative: Yuasa NP 4-12 (RS 198 8068) rated for 5 to 35 deg C


Nominal  115/230v 50/60 Hz. +/- 20%. Fused with 20 mm fuse in fuse holder. 115/230 volts selection switch

OUTPUT   Nominal 30v DC, in proportion to mains voltage variations. Rated for 1.5 amps continuous current. Automatic change-over to battery when mains drops or fails.

210 x 165 x 108mm

APPROVALS   IEC60945, IEC61996