32 Channel Digital to NMEA Interface




Nominal 24v DC at 0.04 Amps. (18 to 32 volts)


8 groups of 4 opto isolated channels. Each group of 4 has its own common line. Voltage input high level 2 to 240 volts DC or AC. Input loading 4 to 10 mA. Voltage input must go to near zero (<5%) in the low state for reliable switching. Can supply its own 24v output for use with isolated contacts such as micro-switches and dry contacts. Series resistors are fitted to each input at installation time to suit the I/P voltage.


NMEA 0183 and IEC 61162 $IIXDR for 1 to 8 sentences corresponding to the 8 groups of 4 inputs or Proprietary compact sentence example $PAMI, XDR, A, 0101, 0000, 0000, 1010,*HH cr lf 32 selectable identifiers to allow for multiple interfaces. (Interface “A” in example above) Dip-switch selectable for the number of groups in the data output. Sampling rate 1 per second. Output rate 10 seconds & 1 second when input changes.


175 x 275 x 70mm