NMEA to Stepper Retransmission Interface



POWER   115/230 volts 50/60 Hz. Double fused, switched and filtered.

STEPPER INPUT: Standard stepper 6 steps per degree. 5 to 24 volts +ve or –ve common. DATA INPUT: NMEA 0183. $HEHDT, $GPHDT and all valid heading sentences or Furuno AD10 format serial data and clock. (DIP switch selectable)

OUTPUT   Negative Step: Stepper, 6 steps per degree. 6 output ports. Option 1- nominal 24/50 volts DC (1Amp per port). Option 2- nominal 35/70 volts DC (1Amp per port). Please specify your voltage requirements when ordering. NMEA 0183 OUTPUT: $HEHDT output, following the NMEA 0183 or Furuno input only. OUTPUT: Alarm relay. 1 Amp DIL relay.

250 x 350 x 150mm