Course Recorder


A universal course recorder with printer which can be used as a direct replacement for the dd electro-mechanical course recorder. Heading and GPS data is displayed. The screen presentation of a moving tape allows the instrument to be used as a Heading Repeater.

POWER   24v at 12w. Switch on surge 2 amps

DC and rectified unsmoothed DC stepper, 4 to 90v. 360:1 Synchro up to 115v/90v. 50/60 400/500 Hz. 90X 400 Hz contactless transmitters. Tracking rate =Frequency / 3deg/sec. (DC step 333 deg/sec) NMEA 0183 input, so both input channels are NMEA. Input 1 must be $HEHDT, x.x ,T NMEA 0183, GPS data or GPS and heading data. These sentences provide the data required. $GPRMC or $GPGGA + $GPVTG + $GPZDA.

OUTPUT   4800 baud. 8 bits. No parity. 1 stop bit. RS422 and RS232 compatible. 3 x 5v CMOS ports to sink or source 5 mA. 5 volt low power alarm output as default. 
DIMENSIONS   280 x 160 x 90mm